Secondary Monoarticular Lipoma Arborescens Extending to Baker Cyst: Case Report


This report presents an unique lipoma arborescence case involving the knee joint in a 52-year-old male patient who is previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis, thereby undergoing symptomatical treatment for 3 years. In the course of symptomatic treatment, patients symptoms including pain, local tenderness, and pressure feeling were frequently exacerbated without improvement. Given the persistent symptoms; comparative assessment of knee radiographies and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated gradual evolving changes over the years like increased joint effusion, pronounced semimembranosus-gastrocnemius bursitis along with villous synovial changes suggestive of lipoma arborescens. In this particular case report, we highlighted a peculiar case of lipoma arborescens extending into periarticular bursae over which developed in settings of degenerative knee joint.

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